Our good work is certified…

Our work and control systems make possible that our products accomplish the most demanding requirements regarding food safety, and that’s why we have the following certificates:

  • B.R.C. British Retail Consortium Technical Standard for Companies Supplying Retailer Branded Food Products.
  • I.F.S. International Food Standard.
  • GLOBAL G.A.P. The International Standard for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture.
  • GLOBAL G.R.A.S.P. Risk Assessment On Social Practice.




Certificates owned by Jobarma:


The fruit, our reason…

In our fruit production, we apply all processes needed to ensure the highest quality, paying particular attention to the care, aspect, taste, the particular ripeness level and the nutritional values of the fruit.
Our aim is to deliver our clients fruit with high nutritional values, preserving all the nutritional properties, while the taste, flavour, and freshness meet the highest demands.
In our production system, we make the fullest use of our resources and the mechanisms of natural regulation, in order to ensure in the long term a sustainable agriculture. We use carefully the adequate biological and chemical methods, and we always take into account the environmental protection, the profitability and the requirements of our clients.