nadorcott by jobarma


Nadorcott, a protected variety.

Also known as Afourer, its origins come from Tangor Murcott seeds, obtained from the collections of INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research), in Morocco. The first seedbed was laid at the citrus research station in the Afourer village, in Morocco.
It is a very productive variety, from a vigorous tree, with a relatively upright growth habit. Its ripening takes place in mid-January and it can be held on the tree until April.
It is a variety of fast entrance, regarding the production (75 kg/tree in the 4th year) and very productive (150 kg/tree in full production).
Its characteristic fruiting takes place with a high number of solitary flowers that, after setting easily, give place to the formation of clusters.
It is self-incompatible and produces seedless fruit in the absence of cross-pollination.
The tendency to verticality of this variety requires a specific pruning, eliminating the vertical buds and respecting the most horizontal shoots.
Excellent and shining reddish-colour, good juice content and facility to peel. The Solid Soluble/Acidity relation is pleasant.




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